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There are 6 flex-workplaces available. With Option B you are entitled to 30 hours of flex-working per month. If you want unlimited flex-work hours, then Option C is right for you.

Meeting room

Amsterdam Offices has 1 meeting room. This meeting room is suitable for meetings with up to 4 people.

To rent a larger meeting room, have a look at www.amsterdamcoworking.nl.

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Secretarial support

Amsterdam Offices offer secretarial services as an extra service in addition to the Full Service Concept. Amsterdam Offices is focused on the future, so it is an advocate of digital entrepreneurship. Its business partner, Secretariat Volendam and Flex Assistance, fully support this concept and are always (virtually) available for you.

When you purchase a flexible workplace at Amsterdam Offices, you may want to also use secretarial support remotely. After all, these secretaries do not need a workplace and do not cost you anything extra other than their hourly rate (€ 45). With the help of a remote secretarial service, you will be enabled to focus on your core tasks. You can leave the supporting tasks to someone who specializes in this.

Below you will find the links to the websites of both secretarial services.

Foto van Heidi Offermanwww.secretariaatvolendam.nl
Are you looking exclusively for secretarial services? Then it is best to contact the Secretariaat Volendam. Heidi Kwakman is the driving force behind this venture. As a legal secretary, she has years of experience at leading law firms.

Foto van Hester Tolwww.flexassistance.nl
Are you looking for administrative support, either on its own or in addition secretarial support? Then it is best to contact Flex Assistance. Hester Tol is the founder of Flex Assistance. She has extensive experience as an office manager and in the secretarial field. Since 2006 she has enjoyed secretarial, administrative, and office management work as an employee at various law firms.

Below you will find a selection of the services offered:


  • Handling business correspondence;
  • Editing and revising documents;
  • Transcribing voice recordings;
  • Managing the business agenda;
  • Translating texts (NL-EN & EN-NL)
  • Taking minutes for meetings


  • Digitally sending sales invoices;
  • Debtor management;
  • Purchase invoice administration;
  • Personnel administration;
  • Accounting (eg in Twinfield);
  • Submitting tax declarations;
  • Business / Registration address.

Office Management

  • Insurance management;
  • Membership and contract management;
  • Establishment and management of the archive system;
  • Organizing and managing office organization;
  • Place orders (possibly at a distance);
  • All kinds of search jobs in many areas.

Vergaderruimte bij Amsterdam Offices

2 werkplekken bij Amsterdam Offices

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Werkruimte bij Amsterdam Offices

Secretariat Volendam and Flex Assistance offer the same services. They are both remote secretarial services. It is also possible to hire the secretaries to work on premise. The owners of both secretarial services are responsible for each other’s expertise. They have frequent contact with each other and often consult on work. In this way they ensure that together they are available full-time for your work, including in the evenings. They work together to provide full-time (virtual) support for paralegals and lawyers. They are well-experienced in secretarial and administrative work, so you can securely delegate your odd jobs to one of these companies. You can use the services when and as often as you want: daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also hire them on a project basis or for ad-hoc work.


Nowadays almost everything can be carried out from an external location, including secretarial, administrative, and office management related support. For example, you can send your letters on digital letterhead, have your sales invoices sent in a web-based time schedule program, hand over the associated debtor management, and have your accounting done in a web-based system with all correspondence by e-mail or internet fax. You can also give your secretary access to a (general) e-mail address on your domain, for example “secretaresse@uwbedrijf.nl”, through which she can send your forwarding notes and other business e-mails at your request.


Do you receive many role messages from role observers and courts, but little time to forward them to clients and keep track of time monitoring? We have a solution. You can scan all your roll messages and other documents directly to your digital secretary. She then keeps a record of all the deadlines for you in a deadline list, invites you for agenda items for the matter in question, and forwards your roll messages and other forwarding notes to your clients that same day. She will make your term list available to you in a folder in Dropbox or directly on your server, if you grant her rights to do so. All you have to do is provide a list of case names and contact persons, which you can probably print directly from your time registration system. This way you have your own secretary who takes a lot of work off your hands from an external location.

Anything is possible. Visit the websites or contact us for the possibilities..