Geplaatst: 19/04/2021

Time to register your business address – Spring has sprung!

Now’s the time to set up your business address in Amsterdam by making use of a virtual office. We know you’ve been waiting to get that new business rolling, and we can help you do it.

The Spring excitement brings new opportunities

It’s late April, so the sunshine is starting to show up and the days are getting longer. Even if some days still bring rain and snow, it’s safe to say that the Dutch Spring has sprung.

Here at Amsterdam Offices, we are happy to announce that we have welcomed a few new staff members and interns to our team. We’ve also welcomed many new clients to Amsterdam Offices in the last few months, and we want to wish you all a personal thank you for doing business with us.

Spring is a great time to get things rolling for your new business, or increase the reach of your existing business. We are fresh out of the long winter period, and people are starting to get excited about life again – that means they’re in the position to be buying new clothes, products, and making travel plans (as covid permits). The swell of new possibilities is in the air, and as a new or future business owner, you should take advantage of this.

Registering your business address in Amsterdam

Before you can tap into the market of potential clients in Amsterdam, you need to have a business registration address in Amsterdam. Right now, you’re in luck, because if you sign up for a virtual office with Amsterdam Offices, the first month is free! 

Many of our clients are here to make use of a business address in Amsterdam. Some clients use our address as a business mailing address so they don’t have to process their own mail, and others are more interested in the ability to have a kvk (Chamber of Commerce) registered address. We also have clients who are less concerned with the virtual office and are more interested in having a physical location, at which they can meet with clients in our meeting room or use a flexdesk to get some work done away from home.

Whatever the reason may be for signing up for a virtual office with Amsterdam Offices, we offer services to assist all business owners. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like more information.

Amsterdam Offices wishes you all a happy and fruitful Spring season, in your business and beyond!

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Geplaatst: 14/12/2020

Working through the pandemic

Amsterdam Offices can help you with Covid-19 related work issues.

Since Covid-19 became a pandemic, offices closed and many people around the Netherlands and the globe started to work from home. This can get lonely, or can be distracting, depending on one’s living situation.

A place to work away from home

Your office may be closed, but ours isn’t. At Amsterdam Offices, you can work at one of our flexdesks for any length of time. The environment is peaceful so you will not be distracted, but you will also be around a few other flex workers so you are not totally isolated from the world. Don’t worry, we have enough space so you can spread out, and we provide hand sanitizer for all our clients.

Amsterdam Offices is primely located on Keizersgracht in the city center. Here you have easy access to everything the city center has to offer – shops, restaurants that are open for takeaway, the beautiful canals, and easy access to all of the trams and public transport.

The office closing and forcing you to work from home may not be the only effect COVID-19 had on your business. Many people have converted their businesses operations to online, and others have been doing that all along and simply need a business registration address so that they don’t have to use their home address.

A business address away from home

At Amsterdam Offices, we offer virtual offices. This means you can register Keizersgracht 241 as your business address. This also means you can use it as a registration address for the chamber of commerce (KVK). We will also scan/forward your mail (business post address).

If you are in the process of getting a business started, COVID-19 doesn’t have to stop you. You can continue to thrive with an online business, which is made possible with a virtual office using a business address in a city like Amsterdam. Amsterdam Offices can provide this for you, allowing you to stay professional while you operate your business online.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any other concerns. Amsterdam Offices is here to help your workflow and business operation during these trying times!

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